Verde… a cor perfeita para qualquer um!


Green is in fact a quite versatile colour to be worn whether in casual or more formal situations while making a strong statement about your style and personality!

The only problem will be choosing from the entire range of “greens” available everywhere, from mint to olive green, emerald green to royal green or just the modern yellow green… you choose!

Anyway, there are some key-points you may want to focus on while deciding how to style that lovely green piece you have had for years in your closet!!

  • first… make sure you pair it with pastels, denim or neutral colours pieces (black, white, greys, etc.) as it will ensure a real statement and focus point on your outfit!
  • jazz it up with golden or yellow neon accessories. They will certainly make you look more polished in the first case and more edgy and sophisticated than ever in the second case!
  • avoid too complex patterns, although floral patterns may work out with a green real statement piece provided they use the same pastel and neutral colours

Finally, make your own session in the fitting room… alone or with that friend with a very good eye for fashion and let me know about it!

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