Por que são as saias as nossas melhores amigas?


Despite being loved and stared at by almost every men in the world, the truth is, skirts aren’t always considered by women as precious as one might thing. The problem is, and I’m sure most women would agree with me on this… it’s just too much work!!

However, and before you totally give up on such a powerful and versatile piece, let me just tell you that, when properly worn, a skirt can work wonders for you, your self-esteem and, of course, your looks!

To help you overcoming years of struggles and bittersweet episodes around skirts, make sure you follow the next steps, thus avoiding unnecessary dramas and months of self-consciousness!

  1. Accept that you are a fully-grown woman and embrace your femininity, whether you are a curvy, slim, athletic, petite or just boyish girl.
  1. Choose your skirts according to your body type, making sure that they fit you properly. I promise that the result will go beyond just flattering!
  1. If you’re curvy and have a well-defined waist, try the classy pencil skirt, the safe A-line skirt or the edgier tulip skirt in a medium length as they will emphasize your curves while showing off your tiny waist;
  • If your hips are the widest part of your body, your best bet will surely be the high-waisted midi skirt, an A-line skirt or a flared one as they will enhance your waist while softening your  hips;
  • If you carry most of your weight in your mid-section, try the A-line skirt as it will flare out from the waist, thus offering balance and proportion to your upper half.
  • If you lack the curves most women struggle with, don’t go “boyish”! The truth is, you can wear any type of skirts you want, though mini-skirts and form fitting skirts are probably your best friends as they will show off your leg while creating an illusion of curves!
  1. Bother to combine your skirt with tops and t-shirts for a casual style, with shirts and blouses (tuck them in) for a more polished and sophisticated look while adding some colour and drama with a statement necklace.
  1. Choose the best footwear to go along with your skirt-based outfit, but keep in mind the context and the way you wish to present yourself to others.
  1. Then, get ready to dazzle the world because the best accessory is always your confidence!!! I’m sure you’ll feel like a queen!

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  1. jacintavalente diz:

    and what about tall girls? 🙂

    1. Try to wear skirts that will fall just above the knee or midi.length. Then, try to keep it simple with the right top and don’t overdo with the accessories… your height is your best feature!!

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