Parecer mais elegante… sem esforço!


Whether you are a petite, curvy, plus size or just an average looking woman, the truth is everyone wishes to be introduced to the fashion secrets that will help you looking leaner, stylish and sophisticated.

Although I can advise you to invest your money in proper shapewear that will allow you to “correct” or soften your most problematic areas, I would rather tell you to accept these features and keep a close watch on them.

Thus, my suggestions to achieve a leaner figure are:

  • buy undergarments that truly fit you! This is specially important when it comes to purchase a bra as the right sizewill shape your figure and balance your features;
  • use colours strategically! Dress your best beatures in bright and strong colours to emphasize them, but make sure you choose dark or neutral colours to disguise your problematic areas;
  • accentuate your waist with bright-coloured skinny belts or wear cropt tops with high-waisted pieces, but make sure they aren’t too figure-hugging, prefer flouncy instead.
  • dress in dark wash jeans! Straight-leg, slightly flare or boot-cut are the best if you want to soften your hips. Then, tuck in your shirt and pair it with heels! You’ll feel like a celebrity instantly!
  • wear shoes that match your legs’ skin tone, nude in summer or black shoes and black tights in winter! Both will create an illusion of longer legs and you’ll feel slenderer and happy!
  • avoid baggy or too tight pieces as the first will make you look wider and shorter and the last ones will draw attention to your trouble areas. Instead, prefer pieces that fit you!
  • prefer structured jackets and dresses which will flatter your features and balance your proportions without showing too much or too little!
  • go monochromatic! That way you’ll be creating a long line of colour that will make you look taller.
  • wear high heels… if you can! However, if that’s a problem for you, try pointy shoes or opened-toe wedges, for instance. You will love them as much as I do… I’m sure!

Finally, go to the fitting room and try different looks, pieces, mix them together, add accessories, take pictures, come up with different outfit and… ask a friend about it!! You’ll be tired, even exhausted, but confident about how slender and leaner you look without ever going to the gym!!

Everyone will ask you about your secret!! Dare to share this!! 🙂

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