Sapatilhas e moda… não somos todas a favor?


The world has surely gone crazy about sneakers and the way we are now conjugating them with all sort of clothes and outfits. It’s not all about being comfortable, but being stylish, relaxed and sophisticated while making fashion statements.

                        The secret is not to overdo it! Otherwise you’ll look too polished and a bit ridiculous, I’m afraid!!

However, can we all pull that off? Uhm… maybe with the right tips! So if you’re dying to try this new trend, take some time to read our thoughts and come up with new and more athletic looks.

  1. Sneakers go along with just anything… and I really mean it!! They’re not exclusive to  marathoners anymore, they’re a key and smart addition to your wardrobe as they will help you adding a new and more energetic twist to your personal style;
  2. You can pair your white sneakers with jeans, slim, skinny or boyfriend (it’s up to you to decide), but make sure you roll them up once or twice. Then, wear a breezy top or a button-down shirt and some chunky accessories. You’ll rock it!!
  3. You might as well pair your sneakers, specially if they are black with some flares of colour or neon with a-line skirts, pleated midi skirts or just some classy shorts with a plain white t-shirt and a scarf or a denim jacket. You’ll be ready to go out in a split of a second!

  4. If you’re trying to take your sneakers to work, you may want to pair them with a suit, a pencil skirt or some tailored trousers/black jeans and a blazer, depending on how casual your work environment is. That way, you’ll look formal enough without feeling and looking sloppy!

  5. If you want to create an impact regardless of the context while wearing sneakers, make sure they look the crispest, the cleanest and as new as possible. Otherwise, you won’t be as successful as you expect!

Now, it is time to get down to business! Put on your sneakers and get ready to feel both fashionable and sophisticated while trying new outfits and combinations... just go with the flow and enjoy yourself!! Then, share the results with us… ‘cause you deserve it!

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  1. jacintavalente diz:

    Very trendy post. It was shared on a lunch a couple days ago, and it was worthy for a great look on weekend. One question… I know that i am late, but i still don’t have a white sneakers… is it worthy to buy a white sneakers now, or they won’t be useful for the winter that is coming?

    1. You can never be late if you really love the white sneakers trend! However, make sure they suit the fall weather conditions – try to buy them in leather with some pops of colour, I would say.

      On the other hand, I’d like to challenge you to purchase more colourful and thus statement sneakers in bright colours for this fall and winter, whether in plain red or dark colours with pops of neon colours. They will instantly update your look adding a more athletic and energetic vibe!!

      Check my favourites below (I personally love them in red, orange, black and grey… to name just a few!):

      2. Pink&width=B

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