This blog was created in a truly inspired moment… I mean, besides the every day life routines, there are still things put aside due to the obvious lack of time.

However, today I took a stand and finally decided to do something about a long time dream… to create a blog that somehow stated my very own path in the world of fashion and styling.

Thus, I don’t mean to impose my opinion, but only to provide you with my insight, opinion and suggestions that you might find useful (or not!) while struggling with all the pieces you have in your wardrobe that seem difficult to coordinate in a polished and sophisticated look .

I’m here to tell you… YOU CAN!! All you need is some time, will power, patience and, obviously, an open mind! I promise you’ll have fun while trying new outfits, experimenting new styles and accessories while finding your own style!

Dare to join me in this journey!! 🙂